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Self-Talk and Self-Love

Your brain 🧠 listens to 2 things

The words that you say and the images you imagine or think.

What is your self-talk?

What do you say to yourself every day?

Do you practice kindness to yourself?

Would you say the same bad, wrong, negative words to someone else that you ️ love?

No, you wouldn’t - because you love them, and you would never want to hurt them and say mean, bad things about them.

So, then why are you hurting yourself?

Do you not matter?


Do you think you're supposed to be perfect?

Is there such a thing as being a perfect person?

No, there is not.


No one except God is perfect.

The greatest person in this world to know is...


Why - because YOU MATTER?

Kindness to oneself is the

antidote for true HEALING,




We have learned from the great research of neuroscientists how our brains function.

The brain always listens to the words that you say, and

your brain’s job is to always protect you.

You see, the most important thing to remember is it your brain doesn’t know the difference if it’s good or bad information that you’re telling yourself because your brain will always listen to the things you say to it

The images and the words that you imagine in your 🧠 brain.

Your imagination is an intellectual mental faculty that could actually help you heal tremendously.

So if you can, imagine yourself healthy, happy, whole, fit, and complete and that you lack nothing.

Because God has given it all to you already,


So stop and think for a moment. What are you telling your brain, what is your self-talk, is it good or bad?

Think of a garden, if you plant poisonous seeds or if you plant healthy seeds.

And if you put them in good soil and you water them, they both are going to grow.

Did you ever realize that weeds grow quicker than beautiful flowers or fruit or vegetables?

But those weeds are a pain in the butt and you gotta keep plucking them out and keep pulling them out every week. They keep growing faster and faster.

The garden doesn’t know the difference if you planted good or bad seeds, it’s just going to grow whatever seeds you're planting.

And just think of weeds as all the negative influences around you that are always planting seeds you even thought about. You didn’t ask for them to be planted,

It’s just natural imprinting from the environment we find ourselves in.

So let’s start there - what are the seeds that you’re planting in your conscious mind?

And what are the bad influences and imprints that are planting in your mind that you’re listening to, or watching, or continuing to be in an environment that’s not conducive to planting good seeds?

Whatever you THINK OR DONT THINK will be your outcome.

Henry Ford said whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.

So let’s start there.

Say to yourself out loud

I can

I can

I can

I can

I can

I can

I can

I can

I can

I can

So now, guess what? You will be able to do whatever it is you SAY !!

As a man thinks it, so he becomes.

So start paying ATTENTION to what you're saying or NOT SAYING.


Start saying good things to yourself.

Just tell your brain that you can.

Now, let’s look at kindness.

Are you kind to yourself?

And are you kind to other people?

I always believe we can’t give what we don’t have!!!!!!

So in order to give genuine love, kindness, and concern towards another human being, it first starts from us.

We have to receive to be able to GIVE.

I’m gonna say it again, because we cannot give what we don’t have genuinely.

Kindness is a way of being nice to yourself.

Don’t you want other people to be nice to you?

Don't you get so upset, angry, mad, or bitter when someone else is mean to you?

Or if someone treats you badly, or they say something mean about you, and they are NOT nice to you?

I want you to close your eyes right now and think of somebody that really hurt you.

What happened - what did they do wrong to hurt and harm you?

Think for a moment, how you feel when somebody talks behind your back or says mean things to you?



We are hurting ourselves every day when WE CHOOSE TO SAY BAD NEGATIVE THINGS ABOUT OURSELVES.

You do not like it when somebody else talks bad about you.

You most likely will disconnect from that person or you can never want to speak to them or talk to them again or be their friend.

So how do we start self-kindness to ourselves?

Let’s start to think about what God says about you.

He says that you’re wonderfully and marvelously made.

He says that you are the apple of his eye.

He says that you’re his chosen one.

He says that he has GREAT PLANS and a GREAT PURPOSE for your life.

And that’s the creator of the universe you were God's highest form of creation.

Now that you know, no matter what your parents thought about you, or friends thought about you or other people thought about you.

You could know the most important opinion in the world is the creator that made you.

Just as if you made a project yourself, you created that project.

It’s yours. There’s a purpose and a plan for that project that you created.

Well, that’s what God says about us: we are spiritual beings that need to tap into our spiritual being.

We’re mind, body, and soul.

God is speaking and bringing life and healing to your spirit.

Now how do we transform and change the mind?

From the negative self-talk of shame, of ugly, of negative, of poor me?

Let’s start by putting your hand on your heart because God created our hearts.

And every morning say good morning to yourself, and say I love you.

️ ️️️️️️️️

Just like you would say to your child, or to your boyfriend, or a girlfriend, or your parents, or loved one, or friend.

We always have to start with ourselves first, because whatever you practice you become very good at and if you practice it’s so much you will become a professional at it.

So let’s be professionals it’s self-love self-care and self-value.



Stay healthy and well my friend,

Coach Kimmy

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