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What is perception?

It’s how we see things, through our own lens. This beautiful stunning picture could be a sanctuary for one person, while the same image could instill fear in someone who had the unfortunately experience of being bitten by a snake in the woods. When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change” – Wayne Dyer

We need to ask ourselves, are we living with a good perception?

If you had a good childhood and you were very fortunate, you may have a quite good perception of life overall. If you didn’t have a great childhood, perhaps there was a lot of trauma, guilt, abuse, pain, hurt, anxiety, or other massive stressors, we may not have such a great perspective. But the great news is that can change. You can change.

You see, the old subconscious mind is filled with your belief system and imprints from your childhood, as well as the environment in which you found yourself. This comes with positive or negative thought patterns developed along the way.

We accumulate so much stuff throughout our lives, and I call that our U-Haul truck that is attached to us.

We always need someone to help us clean it out.

Doing something alone is not always so easy, especially when that truck is filled with extremely heavy, sharp, painful, traumatic experiences.

One is too small the number for great success. That is why we need each other for a sense of community, support, and love. We need to be a good influence for one another. We can’t give what we don’t have.

So, we need to get it, so that we can give it.

Life becomes a beautiful give-and-take.

Mutual interdependence

Becoming healthy and whole. The warfare of oneself is grand, it gives me plenty of employment” - Mary Baker Eddy We must go with in or we will go without.” – Carl Jung What does that mean?

We need to learn to love ourselves well -- and this will stem from your perspective.

Perception is the way we see things.

If you see things always in a negative spin, our subconscious mind is likely filled with unhealthy perceptions. We need to see ourselves from a higher perspective, like we are a 10. I used to see myself as a 4, but now I realize, I’ve really been a 10 all along.

I just didn’t know it yet. If I took a $100 bill and I stepped on it, and it was in the dirt, rained on, a little bit worn… Would you still take that hundred-dollar bill if I handed it to you?

Yes, you would even though it was a bit beat up, dirty and muddy. It’s still $100.

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