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disc personality

DISC is an acronym for the four personality styles that make up the DISC model of behavior; Dominant (D), Influencing (I), Steady (S), and Compliant (C). The DISC model is a powerful and profoundly simple tool for understanding human behavior. At home or in the workplace, behavior and personality are often misunderstood and become areas of stress affecting your work productivity and happiness. A DISC assessment can unlock the key to better relationships, conflict resolution, motivation, and self-growth.

Kim's Disc 2018

Reformer / Statesman / One Who Commands Respect

They have a sociable and friendly nature. They also like to drive situations and be leaders. They accomplish tasks through their social skills. They are caring and accepting of others. Reformers concentrate on the task at hand until it is completed but know their limitations and will ask for
assistance when necessary. They’re able to function not only as a team leader, but team players as well and are happy to share credit with the team. They desire popularity and tend to have high trust with others. Reformers are constantly involved with projects and people. They use their directiveness to solve conflicts. They are sensitive to others feelings and will attempt to create a favorable environment for everyone. They have excellent social skills and possess sincere empathy for others. This makes them good motivators of people. Reformers are optimistic and positive, always looking on the bright side.

ISD : Motivator / Encourager / One Who Is Committed


Motivators are encouraged or motivated by a goal. They prefer to lead or be in charge but they can also serve as good helpers, they are happy to be in a supportive role. Motivators truly care about people’s feelings and they like to get others opinions. They exhibit excellent abilities to deal with people. They strive to find ways to accomplish tasks quickly and efficiently. They are great problem solvers, determined, and enthusiastic. They will eagerly accept challenges and work hard for positive outcomes to situations. They have the ability to listen creatively and communicate effectively.

Kim's Disc 2020
DISC Debrief Consult

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